Bottom fishing in Montauk right now is as good as it gets. The sea bass are chewing their heads off, with many many knot heads. Fluking is very good also with plenty of fat healthy fish. There is plenty of fish in the rips, but if you want to find a big one you will have to fish in the deep water. There, the sea bass will also be plentiful so it makes for pretty much lock and load fishing. Bass fishing is a little different, some days it ok….other days it’s a hack. Went cod fishing one day and it was pretty good with a ton of small fish, which is a good thing.

Come on out to Montauk and fill the freezer with some great eating bottom fish…. OH forgot to add that the porgies are everywhere with many many HUGGERS.


Montauk Charter Boat Weejack – Inshore Report

by Capt Scott on August 12, 2014

Fishing in Montauk on the charter boat Weejack remains as good as it gets. Bass fishing is still good, fish to 40lbs with plenty of 20 lbers. Fluking is solid with many nice fish, average full day trips usually produce close to 20 keepers, with a nice mix of knot head c-bass.

If you are interested in porgies they are here and no problem catching your limit of huggies. This season so far has been excellent with fish and weather both cooperating. So come out to beautiful Montauk and jump on the Weejack Charter boat to catch some monster fish.



This week we had a lot of family groups, fishing remains very good inshore. We did an offshore shark fishing trip with the Failla family which produced 5 blue sharks and a keeper mako that was released. On the way home we had a show from the friendly flipper fish, which is always a plus. The inshore is also good and we had are first green bonito,this year. All in all great fishing here in Montauk.

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Montauk charter boat bass fishing has been out of control, the fish are all between 30 to 40 pounds…….no small ones at all. The flood tide seems to be the best, but the ebb tide is very good also. All the fishing has been on bait, which makes it a real blast.